Flexibility By Design

Styled to complement your home perfectly

Our sliding folding doors are individually designed and manufactured to suit your exact specifications and to further enhance the appearance of your property.

An extensive range of colours, with the option of single or dual colour, means you can match the interior and exterior colours to your surroundings. A range of bead option and handle styles ensure that our dual colour doors look stunning whilst also offering the highest levels of functionality.

Every product is uniquely designed and fabricated by our highly skilled engineers, ensuring measurements are exact, guaranteeing a superior and flawless finished effect. Glazing size, panel design and hardware features are all specially chosen with the completed space in mind.


With slim line handles the doors can be stacked on either side once opened, ensuring they occupy the least amount of usable space as possible. And as the enclosed diagrams show, our doors can be developed and installed in a range of configurations with open-in or open-out options, helping you to make the best use of any space.

Attractive designs combined with exceptional performance

Our stylish aluminium doors have been carefully developed to improve your home in more ways than one. As well as offering excellent thermal and acoustic performance, they can help create living spaces that can be enjoyed all year round.

  • Save money on your heating bills
  • Help reduce external noise pollution
  • Future-proof your home by improving its energy-efficiency
  • Enjoy cosy and peaceful interiors whatever the weather


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