How Much Does Drainage Work Cost?

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The foundation of any building project is just as, if not more important, than the finishing touches that can be seen by the naked eye. What good is looking pretty, if the very foundation is shaky?

Effective drainage is essential for ensuring that properties run properly and stand the test of time. Investing in the right drainage products, and replacing those that need replacing, is therefore more important than you might expect. In this blog, we will break down the average cost of drainage jobs and supplies.

The cost of a drainage is dependent on the type of job. The longer a damaged or ineffective drainage system is left unrepaired, the highly the likelihood that you will need to pay a high price to replace or repair it. Make sure to look out for issues with your drains so that you can act on the problem quickly and save your money.

Some of the most common drainage problems to look out for include slow drainage, foul odours coming from drains and damp patches of ground outside the home. Some issues that might be more easily noticeable include cracks in pipes, blockages from food or mould or damp appearing around the home. Pipes might also collapse, especially if they have frozen repeatedly.

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Factors Affecting Draining Costs

Aside from the type of issue, there are multiple factors that can affect drainage costs. The biggest one is the extent of the problem. Some parts of the drain are more expensive to fix and replace than others and the longer the problem has been going on, the more expensive it will be to fix. If the drain cannot be repaired and needs replacing, it will probably cost more.

Another factor is accessibility. If the drain is hard to get to, fixing it might require excavation work and this will add to the costs. Sometimes, A CCTV survey may be required in order to access the extent of work required. This will likely cost around £275 but it will save you money in labour costs later.


The Cost of Drainage

The cost of drainage depends on the job. Let’s start with the supply cost for some common jobs. For a new soakaway, the supplies will cost around £190 to £260. For drain relocation, supplies will cost between £2200 and £2700. Leaking drain repair will cost £400 to £600, whereas cracked drain repair costs around £50 to £100.

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If you choose to do the repairs yourself, this will be the extent of your costs. However, if you do something incorrectly, you may end up paying even more to fix your mistake. Hiring someone to install a soakaway drain will cost roughly £700 to £1110. Drain jetting costs £70 to £180 and drain rodding costs £80 to £150. Repairing leaking drains costs £600 to £1100, whereas cracked drain repair costs around £150 to £210.


Effective drainage is worth investing in. An effective draining system reduces water build up, which in turn prevents a property from flooding. It is also essential for healthy living, as blockages caused by sediments or waste can lead to residents catching diseases. Lastly, proper drainage will add to the resale value of your property.


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